Our first-in-market, breakthrough stem cell-based platform provides the missing intuitive controls for oncology R&D, enabling the identification of differences in biomarkers and druggable pathways between patient-matched normal stem cells and the carcinomas that have arisen from them.

Our epiSC, normal patient-derived epithelial stem cells grown and studied in a xeno-free, cancer-free environment represent the latest advance in cell technology and a vast improvement over cancer cell lines, primary differentiated cell culture, ESC and iPSC currently used in all-stages of oncology drug discovery.

With the patient's recovery and life quality in mind, epiSCI boldly aims to develop oncology therapies that are highly effective and safe.

Efficient, thoughtful, well-planned epiSCI R&D aims to get effective drugs to market fast and to cause unsafe drugs to fail fast, resulting in up to 67% reduction in the overall cost of drug development and faster times to market.

epiSCI hopes to make a difference in the search for cures.

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